Saturday, January 17, 2009


Wow. Live Journal? Who remembers those? I know I do. I remember when they were the "fad", before myspace, twitter, facebook, and blogspot. I used to update like once a day, on a regular basis. I was consistant. Unlike on here. Maybe it was 'cause I was in high school and only school was my priority? I didn't work. I wasn't in college. It was a laid back, great life. I miss those days.
Before I just updated, it had been 144 weeks since my last LJ post. That's since April 10th, 2006. Before I even graduated. I remember awhile back I went through and deleted A LOT of post, I mean A LOOOOOOOT. Stuff I did not want to remember. It had to be done. Now I kinda wish I did not do that so I could remember my foolish times and stuff. I think I seen somewhere I posted 200-300 entries. You won't even see 100 probably anymore. I felt like it had to be done back whenever, but now I regret it.

Times change so much; it puzzles me. It is funny all of a sudden I felt like digging up my old username and password for live journal. Over the past week something has been heavily on my mind. And that is the Air Force. I go to my live journal tonight and see my backround of an Air Force picture. I remember all through high school that was my plan. Joining the US Air Force. I did not follow through with that plan. But this past week, I don't know why, but it's come back into play. At Publix you cannot be demoted or fired if you are on military leave. I don't know why, but I have been contemplating joining again. I talk to my father about it and he approves. And though that's what I was gonna do to begin with, after high school. If I joined after high school I'd be over 1/2 way done with my 4 year term. That makes me more frustrated. I don't really know what else to say except pray with me about that decision, it's a pretty big one lol. And hopefully it comes soon so I can try and get to Texas for BMT before it gets too incredibily hot during summer, hah.

Random tidbits: I planned on seeing My Bloody Valentine tonight. I was going to be accompanied by Mark Davis and Marty. Well, that sold out fast. So it was decided to see The Unborn. aaaaand that sold out. So we ended up seeing Gran Turino. Wow. I loved it. I thought Clint Eastwood did a really amazing job at his role. It was a lot more funny than I expected. It was great. I am a pretty big Clint Eastwood fan. He is a great actor with a lot of talent. I'd give it a 5 star rating. I'd even see it again. It had a twist. It had tears. It had smiles. It had big laughs. It was surprising. It was great. Go see it, seriously.

I think that covers all I should be posting at 2am. I'm not super tired so I think I may go play a game of Madden 2009 for ps3. Hmm. Sounds good. Tomorrow I shall be going to Winter Jam. That should be thrilling!

Hope everyone has a fun but safe weekend!

Until next time, ciao!

Ps: In case you don't know about it, here is the trailer for Gran Turino!
Trailer for Gran Turino


A visible Ghost said...

Cody has been tossing the same idea around in his head. I'll be praying for you :-)

Bubba said...

Ahh. Yeah. Oh the ideas. Thanks for praying! :)

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