Friday, November 21, 2008


I find it quite ironic that the day after I post a blog saying I shall stick with Publix, I have what I believe is the worse day ever at work. I was scheduled to work 5am to 4pm. It's Friday which = truck day. The morning went smoothly til 10:30am or so. When the dairy truck arrive, I totally dumped over the pallet. Disaster. Really frustrated me. Especially seeing the bills and a 285 piece truck which is HUGE for a Friday, typically 185-215 on Friday. So much backstock, it isn't funny. Anyway, I come back to have eggs to off stack as that truck came while I was on break. This is disaster # 2. I knock over 2 stacks of eggs. Which about 30-35 cartons of 12 eggs broke and I had to scan out. Not counting the 6 packs that broke. And of course the 2 store managers and my grocery manager come back there and give me a hard time, by saying it looks like I am trying to scramble eggs lol. It was funny, regarding the situation. Anyway, the day goes on and I am not in a good mood at all. I didn't clock out until 6:20pm. I went in at 5:00am remember, it was dark. I left after 6, which it was dark again. I never seen daylight really today. Such a long discouraging day after my blog saying what I felt was the right choice last night.

-I-R-O-N-I-C- lol. It's funny how moods can totally change and differentiate in the matter of about 12 hours. How many times has this happened to you? Where you've felt like you did the right thing, to only have the opposite, like in my case, happen? I had quite a aggravating day, I acutally told JJ to just shoot me after the egg incident, haha. He knows all about it. But now, I've been off work for almost 2 hours and I laugh at what happened today. There were a lot of jokes with my mistakes and it made others laugh, but now I laugh upon the day too. It was so stressful at the time i had a bad bad headache, but its nice to kick back and relax now and look at how humerous it really was.

have you experienced days like that lately? How'd you manage to get through the stress of what was going on to be able to do away with that?

Song of the day!
I don't care by Apocalyptica


Gieselman<3. said...

oh man. di i ever! i cannot tell you the number of days like that that i have had, expecially at good 'ol publix!

it's funny too, because as you are telling your story i am picutng myslef going through those same instances. i remember getting huge trucks on a day that you didn't need them becuase some one in lakeland thought you needed it becuase of last years sales! i remember when pallets would have fallen over, or worse see them fall over, damaging the produst and creating way more work than already needed to be done. and i remember all those lovely publix managers who came and haggled me with all my mistakes. (not talking bad about publix btw, so don't take me worng, i love the place!)

but i too agree, and can remember the times when i was so sure of something and then in a matter of hours i was proven wrong or my opion or emition was changed for one reason or another. it's funny and frustrating when God allows something like that to happen to you. it really puts into perspective how small we really are and how big God is.

i'll pray for you job situation, school, and all that other stuff!

<3 your twin! =]

Thankful Paul said...